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Deviyani Cockcroft's Transcendence Collection is based on transformations, specifically those taking place in "liminal" situations, which refer to the place "in between" - a state of flux. At such moments, the person is unaware; caught in the process of transitioning. The term "in limbo" stems from the contemporary psychology, meaning an expanse of infinite, raw subconscious, which can be shared between people of the same state of mind. 


The starting point for this investigation and trail of inspiration was the tale of Eros and Psyche. The store is an archetypal tale that follows a hero's journey; representing the Human soul's interaction with familial trauma, and transformation into the divine; depicting the mortal heroine and her transformation into a goddess. When a person is in a liminal situation, they are neither who they used to be, nor have they crossed over the threshold to where they will be next. 


Deviyani's personal interpretation of the archetypal story is embodied with a girl, constantly trapped in recurring dreams that she is in limbo. She strives to find her inner beauty; that she has lost sight of it is the product of a negative relationship. The more she tries to look for answers inside herself, the longer she drifts and the further she wanders into limbo. Limbo - A world with no resolutions and no civilisation, surrounded by raw nature. From the beginning of her wandering, there was a small flower bud in the world with her; what she does not know is that the act of flowering is a symbol of and metaphor of her development. The flower needs grounded support before it is able to bloom and fully develop. A flower grows, blooms and dies before one's eyes, yet it gives way to new life in the form of a seed. The only way she can escape the trappings of limbo is to realise that she is the flower; It is representative of her beauty and purity. Though she was in a lucid state of mind before, following her realisation she is able to achieve stability.


Dying in a dream is not the end; It leads to a new beginning. It is an experience, but it does not fundamentally change who you are and it does not define you.